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Discrimination and Data Protection Legislation has made this an area of even greater importance for employers. Pre placement health screening helps ensure that a prospective employee with medical problems will be safe to work and that the proposed job role will not have any affect on their health. This service is essential to prevent exposure to health risks should an applicant be suffering with a pre-existing condition. Such assessments will assist employers to match applicants’ fitness to appropriate roles and to make suitable adjustments as necessary under the Equality Act.

Access Occupational Health has considerable expertise and established systems to manage pre-placement health assessments of applicants in relation to particular job descriptions, by questionnaire and / or medical assessment.

Our pre-placement health screening service includes:

  • Providing a pre employment health questionnaire which can be adapted to suit the needs of your business, branded with your company logo.
  • Providing your prospective employees with pre paid addressed envelope for them to submit their completed questionnaire confidentially to Access Occupational Health.
  • A charge for each questionnaire received regardless of complexity. The only additional charge is the GP fee for a report where required (approximately 10% of those received)

About the pre-placement process......

  • On receipt of the completed questionnaire, Access Occupational Health Advisor would, if required, communicate with the prospective employee for clarification of health details.
  • For each received questionnaire, once assessed, we send Human Resources an electronic "Certificate Of Fitness To Employ" with detailed recommendations and advice on work restrictions, complete with a prediction of future absence in the proposed job role as appropriate.

It's all part of our quality approach....

  • We track all the questionnaires received daily so that you can be assured of a prompt response and information on the progress of each submitted questionnaire. You will be provided with a monthly list of all questionnaires received and screened.
  • We report the outcomes of assessments within 48 hours, and in the majority of situations on the same day. In only 5, 10% of cases is it likely that we will want to seek further information, usually a General Practitioner report. There are very few occasions when a full medical assessment would be required, however these can be arranged at short notice.
  • An occupational health advisor is available to discuss with you the outcomes of pre employment health assessments to ensure you are recruiting the right candidate for a particular job role. Prospective employees would not be rejected or accepted directly by Access Occupational Health, as the final decision for recruitment would rest with you.
  • The pre placement questionnaire would be used as the first enclosure of your employee’s occupational health record, providing a baseline of data and information for comparison against subsequent health checks and referrals provided for that employee.

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Health Surveillance of employees exposed to Occupational Risk factors

Health surveillance allows employers to meet their legislative obligations under health and safety regulations. The content and level of health surveillance that you require for your employees will depend on the hazards within your business. We would work with you to develop a health surveillance matrix, a programme for delivery with timescales and a recall system to ensure the processes are appropriate, cost effective, delivered in a timely manner and HSE compliant.

We can provide:

Audiometry Test (hearing tests) For those exposed to noisy working environments.

Spirometry Test (lung-function) For those exposed to any hazards that may affect their breathing, e.g. dust, chemicals, paint, solvents.

Hand-Arm Vibration Assessment (HAVS) For those who use hand held vibrating tools and are at risk of developing vibration white finger.

Skin Assessment For those who are exposed to skin irritants e.g. chemicals; we look for signs of occupational dermatitis and can train "responsible persons" employed within your business.

Musculo - skeletal / Back Assessment For those who are involved in manual work and who have or may develop back, neck and knee problems.

Eyesight Tests For those who may have any sight problems, we undertake a general sight test (distance, intermediate -DSE users, and near vision tests) including a colour deficiency assessment.

Biological effect testing Where required, for example; a blood test for Lead workers, urine testing for cadmium or isocyanate levels etc. We use an HSE approved Laboratory for biological monitoring.

Reports to Management

Following surveillance, a report is given to management advising on whether there is any evidence of Occupational Ill Health, restrictions and recommendations, the frequency of reviews and whether control measures may need to be adjusted in light of possible adverse findings. Individuals are given a copy of their personal test results . Every occupational health interation is recorded providing your business with anonymous statistical data.

Management of absence from work

Workplace sickness absence, which currently stands at an average of 11 days and £522 per employee, costs Britain's business approximately £13 billion per annum. (CBI) All organisations can expect some level of absence, however persistently high levels of sickness absence can be costly to any business as a whole and adversely affect efficiency, productivity, profitability and morale.

In principle, employers need to develop approaches to prevent, monitor and ultimately manage sickness absence.

Access Occupational Health provides competent support and advice and can commit to delivering real cost savings to your business by guiding and advising you on how to manage absenteeism and rehabilitation back to work.

How can we help?

Access Occupational Health can provide you with a comprehensive and flexible support package including some or all of the following:

  • An assessment of what makes your employees absent by assessing current sickness absence rates and your current absence policy
    (if you don’t have one we can help there too).
  • Support to management to identify vulnerable groups and agree set action points for line management intervention and referral. Action points would consider length of absence and reasons for absence.
  • A streamlined referral process to our competent occupational health staff to assist you through assessment of long and short term absent employees particularly those with back pain, stress and following work related accidents.
  • Writing and working with you to establish policies and procedures which meet changing legislative conditions and the needs of your working environments.
  • Support and training to understand attendance management, and developing a partnership approach to managing absence, including effective managerial practices, managing difficult cases, people management, return to work interviews etc.
  • Assistance with monitoring absence trends with management and discussion of specific cases of sickness absence. Cases of frequent intermittent sickness referred by management would be reviewed to establish any underlying causes and aim to motivate a safe and early return to normal working duties.

Access Occupational health provide useful, definitive reports which will include information on:

  • The prognosis of the condition and the likely date of return to work.
  • Whether the illness will be temporary or permanent.
  • Whether to expect any repeated absence due to further treatments or hospital appointments.
  • Whether the employee will be able to render an efficient and efficient service on return to work.
  • Advice on duties and/or work adaptations, on a temporary or permanent basis, thus complying with the Equality Act.
  • Advice on Ill Health Retirement
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